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Red Scare #1 Gab Serra Cover Black and White Edition


Red Scare #1 Gab Serra Cover



Red Scare #1


Black and white/36 pages


Global tensions lead to a catastrophic, decades long war between America and Russia.


After the assassination of their President and the invasion of Russian forces, Americans thought things were as bad as they could get...



They were wrong.



Dead wrong.



After death, Russian forces reanimate as vicious, zombie-soldiers spreading their virus across the country.



Americans come to call this the... Red Scare


Red Scare is the story of Russian soldier Anatoly Severov.



After being labeled a traitor by the Russian military, Severov escapes the gulag and begins a harrowing quest to return home to his family.


Created by Lee Jiles and Scott Wilke


Written by Scott Wilke


Art by Flavio Nano Giron

Colors by Bryan Magnaye


Letters and design by Dave Lentz

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