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American Bladerunner #1 .pdf


American Bladerunner #1 .pdf

Created By Steven C. Barber and Vincent Acampora

Written By Vincent Acampora

Art/Colors/Letters By Gilbert Monsanto

 28 Pages Full Color .pdf


American Bladerunner is the story of Marine Bryce West who, after being seriously injured during a daring rescue mission, is healed by government scientist using alien technology! Now Bryce is the super powered soldier, The American Bladerunner!

Follow the adventures of The American Bladerunner as he fights against the evil organization known as R.I.S.E.

Bryce West, The American Bladerunner, is the first differently abled hero to star in his own comic book! Bryce is a double amputee, but he is far from disabled!

We hope The American Bladerunner will be an inspiration to the differently abled everywhere by showing them that their disabilities can't limit the possibilities of what they can achieve!

If you are a fan of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero or The Six Million Dollar Man, you will love The American Bladerunner.

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