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The Legend of Everett Forge: Fire and Brimstone #1


Blood, gears, and oil galore in this Steampunk Western set in an alternate 1889 where Machines control the American West.


Notorious outlaw, Everett Forge, is out for revenge against the Machine leader, Omega. His pursuit leads him deep into the heart of the Machine territory to the coal mining town of Brimstone. There he’ll have to face off against a trigger-happy Sheriff and his crew.


Meanwhile, Omega has unearthed a mysterious and extremely dangerous weapon, a winged Machine mercenary known only as the Angel of Death.


If Forge can survive Brimstone, will he be able to survive Omega’s newest threat?


The Legend of Everett Forge is written and created by Scott Wilke with art done by ClickArt Studios. Pencilled by JoJo Trinidad and Rai Caraan, inked by Fred Tengson and Rai Caraan, colors by Ochie Caraan and Mon Ramirez, and letters by Rai Caraan.

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