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Godsend #1 Sketch Edition


This Godsend #1 sketch edition can be customized by any artist to make a one of a kind Godsend #1!

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Full Color, 24 Pages, comes to you bagged and boarded


Godsend is a superhero/supernatural story that follows the adventures of Austin Jackson whose life is forever changed when he has a strange encounter on his way to Boston to start his new job.


The time is now. The Templars have a new leader for their terror cells, the Mercurian monks have fallen, the blade of power is missing. When the gates of Hell crack open and the damned swordsmen spill out into the real world leading their legions of Hellspawn, only one thing has a chance of holding them back.


The power of the Godsend.


Austin Jackson was just after a chance to make a new life for himself in the big city. Now he must risk his life, soul, and those of his loved ones in order to live up to the responsibilities thrust upon him.


The time is now and Austin is all that stands between us and Armageddon.


Godsend is created by Lee Jiles, written by Peter Mcleod, Pencilled by Oscar Yanez, and inked by Eric Dotson and Fletcher Horton with colors by Nate Tingen and letters by Bram Meehan.


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