In-Flight Service In-Flight Service 74221485 74221486 74221487 74221488 74221489 74221491 74221492 74221493 74221494 74222887 Callie Callie pencilled by Neil Chenier 85952025 Callie inked Callie pencilled by Neil Chenier and inked by Toby Mays 85951090 Callie colored Callie pencilled by Neil Chenier, inked and colored by Toby Mays 85951091 Callie by Rantz Callie pin-up by Randy Kintz 86111108 Callie by Rantz colored here is the finished version of Randy Kintz's Callie from In-Flight Service. 89541615 Callie by kevin Thomas Callie from In-Flight Service by artist kevin Thomas You can check out more of kevin's work here 103014447 Callie and Olivia Callie from In-Flight Service and Olivia from Dreamer by IFS artist Kevin Thomas see more of Kevin's work here 117651261 Callie Callie by Kevin Thomas 121832455 In-Flight Service #0 page 1 IFS #0 page 1 pencils by Kevin Thomas 123974266