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Godsend Volume 1 Live on Kickstarter!

Godsend Volume 1 is live on Kickstarter!

This collects Godsend issues 1-6, the complete origin story!

Link here - Godsend Volume 1 Kickstarter

Featuring a cover by fan favorite artist, Ken Hunt(Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Lady 

Death). Ken has drawn a cover for every issue of Godsend!

There is also a Kickstarter exclusive cover by superstar artist, Sean Hill (DC Comics, Marvel Comics).

Godsend Volume 1 is full color and will feature 120+ pages of story as well as art by several top artist and behind the scenes content!

The campaigns ends on November 17th!

Check the campaign out to see all of the cool rewards, add-ons, and stretch goals!

  • Original Art by Ken Hunt
  • Sketch Cards by Godsend Creator Lee Jiles
  • Mini Prints
  • Bookmarks, Stickers, and Pins
  • ROXBOX Lights

Check out the trailer by Prevalentmind Studios below!

Godsend Trailer

Red Scare Trailer

Red Scare #1 Now Available In Web Store!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Red Scare #1 is  now available in the About Time Comics web Store! 

There are 5 covers to choose from! Get your copy today!

Red Scare

Global tensions lead to a catastrophic, decades long war between America 

and Russia.

After the assassination of their President and the invasion of Russian forces, 

Americans thought things were as bad as they could get...

They were wrong.

Dead wrong.

After death, Russian forces reanimate as vicious, zombie-soldiers spreading their virus 

across the country.

Americans come to call this the... Red Scare

Red Scare is the story of Russian soldier Anatoly Severov.

After being labeled a traitor by the Russian military, Severov escapes the gulag and 

begins a harrowing quest to return home to his family.

Red Scare is created by Lee Jiles(Godsend,In-Flight Service) and Scott Wilke(The 

Legend of Everett Forge, Undercity Tales, Dead End Moon, Periwinkle).

Written by Scott Wilke

Art and color by Flavio Nano Giron

Spot color in B&W edition by Bryan Magnaye

Letters and design by Dave Lentz

Godsend #6 and The Legend of Everett Forge #3 now available in the web store!

American Bladerunner #1 .pdf now available in the web store 

Godsend #5 and In-Flight Service #2 debuting at Dragon Con 2018!